Date: April 25, 2018 

Topic: Bill 126 Saskatchewan's Export Energy Act 

Issue Statement:

The Canadian Fuels Association (Canadian Fuels) and its members appreciate the ongoing commitment Saskatchewan has shown to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipe Line (TMPL) expansion project and acknowledge its backing of the project with the tabling of Bill 126: The Export Energy Act. Canadian Fuels members continue to support the TMPL expansion as an infrastructure project of national importance. 
However, we are concerned that the measures proposed in Bill 126 could have long-term unintended consequences for Canadians in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, as well as to the economic well-being of western Canada’s integrated energy sector. Petroleum refining facilities in Saskatchewan are part of Canada’s critical energy infrastructure serving customers throughout western Canada.  
Canadian Fuels members value their commercial and consumer customers nation-wide. We urge the Saskatchewan government to be mindful of an approach that could affect the integrated nature of the sector and Canadians’ access to essential fuels and other petroleum products.