This isn’t pocket change: trade and economic contribution of refining sector

Sep 21, 2017   | Categories: Canadian Fuels Association, Economy, Issues
It’s hard to overstate the economic importance of preserving our cross-border trade with the United States. Exports to — and imports from — our biggest trading partner keep both countries humming along, and refined fuels are part of the mix.

So as the eyes of industry leaders and politicians focus on the next round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations, Sept. 23 to 27 in Ottawa, we are reminded that these talks are important to all Canadians.

Open energy trade across the three countries of North America underpins the affordability and availability of fuels for businesses and consumers. Here at home, the fuels sector employs thousands of people, while also generating tax revenue for Canadian governments to spend on infrastructure and other services.

The infographic below provides some highlights. You can learn more about how vital the movement of refined fuels between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico is, to all countries.

refining sector trade
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