Fuels and Transportation

Canadians depend on reliable, convenient and competitively priced transportation fuels.

We all have a lot on the go. There’s the daily commute to work and school; trips to the hockey arena and soccer field; the family vacation; visits to family and friends. The list goes on - and then of course there’s the movement of all the goods and products we use every day.
Given the size of our country and the mobility we all enjoy, it’s not surprising that Canada uses more energy per capita than almost any other country in the world. One of the reasons for this is our reliance on the automobile.
In fact, here in Canada, we use over 83 billion litres of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels each year.
We know we need to balance our need for convenient, competitively priced fuel with the need to protect our environment. How do we do that? For a detailed, informed perspective on our present consumption and future fuel options, check out the Fuels for Life discussion paper.
Alternatively,  navigate the following pages for a slightly quicker look at the different types of fuels we have available, and their pros and cons.