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Fuel Quality Reports

Environment Canada Fuel Quality Report (pdf)
The Environment Canada report on fuel quality confirmed once again that attacks on the quality of Canadian gasoline and diesel fuel are unfounded. The report shows that Canadians can be certain that they have high quality transportation fuel choices that deliver superior environmental performance.

Mercury in Crude Oil Refined in Canada (pdf)
To obtain an inventory of mercury in the petroleum-refining sector, Environment Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Fuels Association and most Canadian refineries, has measured the mercury concentrations in 32 types of crude oil used in Canadian refineries.


Biodiesel Research Project Final Report Summary (pdf)
The research program was designed to enhance stakeholder understanding of the technical issues related to renewable diesel use, provide guidance for decision-makers on the appropriate applications for renewable diesel, and appropriate regional and/or seasonal distribution of renewable diesel blends, and to provide information for standard-setting bodies to set specifications that will ensure “fit for service” fuel products. A series of test programs were carried out to evaluate the key properties of the fuels. The reports are available below: The federal renewable fuels regulations took into consideration the technical feasibility of blending 2% renewable diesel in Canadian distillate fuel. The final report is below:
Report on the Technical Feasibility of Integrating an Annual Average 2 % Renewable Diesel in the Canadian Distillate Pool by 2011


Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Renewable Fuels Regulations establish  a minimum average annual renewable fuel content of at least 2% for producers and importers of diesel fuel and heating distillate oil. For more details regarding the justification for the regulations, please consult the reports below: