Health and Safety

Integrity, Confidence, Trust

Canadian Fuels Association refiners are dedicated to the safety and health of employees, contractors and neighbours. Safe, secure, injury and incident free operations are vital to a successful refining industry. Canadian Fuels refiners value workplace and community safety.

Refiners have developed an excellent safety record in Canadian communities for more than a century. This is the result of Process Safety Management – managing facilities, systems and processes to prevent incidents that may be harmful.

“Safety is never compromised--if it can’t be done safely, our members won’t do it. We take safety seriously and have an excellent track record to prove it. No one should get hurt on or off the site.”
—Peter Boag, President and CEO, Canadian Fuels Association

Canadian Fuels is committed to:

• Working with all levels of government in the development of science-based and technically feasible approaches to the regulation of the refining industry.
• Developing environmental, health and safety guidelines, and best management practices for consideration by its members and third parties.
• Providing industry information to governments, the public, and media.

We have three main areas of focus:

See Guidance Materials page for fuel distribution and retail site safety guidelines. 




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