Safe Sites and Communities

Our members' dedication to safe and sustainable operations goes beyond company boundaries and extends into the communities where we operate. We’re proud to say that since 2000, total recordable injuries for refining employees have decreased by 82 percent. But we’re not resting on our laurels. There are five elements underpinning our ongoing safety efforts:

  • Safe work culture - from senior management, right through to operating site employees and contractors, we are striving to enhance a strong safety culture. Our drive is toward zero incidents, and those who do it right get recognized.

  • Integrated planning and operations - safety, health and environment are primary considerations in the planning and design of all new facilities and operating equipment. Our management operational practices and performance programs stress the importance of safety.
  • Shared emergency response resources - as an industry we take a shared responsibility for safety. Refiners and local authorities share emergency response resources, and participate in simulated emergency scenarios as part of a coordinated emergency response program.
  • Continuous improvement - our safety practices are benchmarked so that we can strive for continuous improvement. This includes developing programs that proactively identify and eliminate workplace hazards, and upgrading work practices, to help ensure our progress toward zero incidents.
  • Leadership and consultation - our industry and organizational leaders take a proactive approach to safety, and part of that process involves active consultation with personnel, contractors and the community.

For more information, please refer to our Process Safety Management publication.