If you’ve still got questions about transportation fuels, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find factsheets and reports packed with information, facts and figures to help you reach a balanced view of all the issues:


The future of transportation fuels is a national dialogue in which Canadians — and you — have an important voice. We are pleased to provide you with answers to five questions we are often asked about our industry and the fuels we produce.

5 frequently asked questions about Canada’s petroleum fuels industry.
Q1. Why aren’t we building more refineries to process Canadian crude?
Q2. What’s the environmental impact of petroleum fuels? How dirty are they?
Q3. Why can’t we switch to alternative fuels more quickly?
Q4. Why do gas stations occasionally run out of fuels?
Q5. What's up with gasoline prices?


Canada's Refining Industry 2015 Sector Performance Report
The report provides an overview of the refining industry's production numbers, environmental and safety performance and economic indicators.

FUEL 2015 Annual Review: Perspectives - Evolution vs. Revolution
The publication provides a broad range of perspectives and insights on transportation fuels and our industry today, and into the future. Academics, researchers, independent journalists and industry experts provide their perspectives on the technical, economic, environmental and societal aspects and linkages of transportation and transportation fuels.

FUEL 2014 Annual Review: Petroleum. Canada’s Fuel.
In this year’s edition of our annual review, four diverse and accomplished experts explain how petroleum fuels are key to Canadian mobility; continuously adapting to a changing vehicle market, and advancing consumer and environmental expectations. The report also includes a section on Sector Performance, which highlights the refining industry’s performance on economic, safety and environmental parameters and our commitment to continuous performance improvement.

FUEL 2013 Annual Review: TOUGH QUESTIONS about the future of transportation fuels in Canada
TOUGH QUESTIONS responds to some of the top issues on the minds of many Canadians:

  • Do we really need petroleum fuels?
  • Why can’t we move away from oil faster?
  • Canada is home to some of the world’s largest crude oil reserves. Why aren’t we refining all of it right here in Canada?

The report also provides highlights of the refining sector’s economic and environmental performance. A related interactive infographic - Canada’s Petroleum Fuels Value Chain – provides information on the steps from crude oil to useful products (see PDF). 

The Economics of Petroleum Refining: Many Canadians wonder why aren't we refining more of our oil in Canada, and whether a more value-added activity would provide more value from our petroleum resources. This report provides insights into the economics of the refining business, describes the factors that influence investment decisions and explores refinery profitability.

FUEL 2012 Annual Review: This report provides a broad perspective on our organization, the vital role our members play in the continuing prosperity of Canadians, their commitment to the highest levels of safety and the environment, the work of the Association in shaping public policy, and our engagement with consumers. We highlight key issues and review major accomplishments over the past several years.

Fuels for Life: A discussion paper prepared by Canadian Fuels on Canada's future transportation fuels choices. Fuels for Life offers an informed dialogue on future fuel options for a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation system.

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