Canadian Fuels Association members produce, distribute and sell the transportation fuels that support the mobility of all Canadians. At all stages in the process that brings fuels to the point of sale, our members are achieving impressive goals for community involvement, innovation and environmental performance. In this issue of Perspectives, we talk to three individuals who make a difference.

Building a national presence

Dana Codding eliminates growing pains at Parkland.

Parkland Fuel Corporation’s rank as one of North America’s fastest growing fuel marketers is earned in part through an ambitious acquisition strategy. The company has welcomed more than 20 others into its family in just ten years. With the acquisition rate increasing—and the structure of deals becoming more complex—Parkland built a dedicated team to smooth the integration of each new purchase.

“We joke that our goal is a boring transition—no drama,” says Dana Codding, Parkland’s Director of Acquisition Integration. “Our first focus is the day one priorities, things like business continuity so there is no disruption in service and customers don’t even realize the company changed hands.”

Codding’s career began in the Alberta oil fields. Trained as a geologist, she soon moved from oilrig to office tower, eventually landing a marketing position with a major software and data company. “I began to work on deals,” explains Codding, who soon took on acquisition and integration responsibilities in the firm’s energy division. She stepped into the integration role with Parkland in 2015.

Beginning in August 2016, Codding was instrumental in one of Parkland’s largest deals to date: acquisition of the Canadian assets of CST Brands Inc., including retail operations of Ultramar in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The deal adds more than three billion litres in annual fuel volume and gives Parkland retail presence from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia.

The CST deal challenges Parkland to bridge geographic and cultural divides between Calgary and Quebec. “Previously, we had a limited presence in Quebec,” says Codding, “so a central aim was to engage with and show our support for the communities affected by the acquisition.”

Senior Parkland executives spent a lot of time in the Province introducing the company and getting to know the people. “Ultramar is a highly respected brand in Quebec, and one of our goals has been to make sure everyone understands that we respect the brand just as much.”

As the CST deal moves from integration to operations after closing in June this year, Codding also will move into an operational role at Parkland, taking over leadership of Parkland’s western Commercial operations. She will focus on growing Parkland’s safe and sustainable delivered diesel, gasoline, and propane business.

“We joke that our goal
is a boring transition—
no drama.”