A pure expression of democracy

Carol Montreuil

Carol Montreuil is the Canadian Fuels Association’s Vice-President, Eastern Canada

​​Canadian Fuels is just one of many sector groups that regularly advocate and make representations to government in Canada. This lobbying work is important. It helps our political leaders develop a clear understanding of the issues that affect Canadians. Only then are leaders in a position to shape effective public policy.

At Canadian Fuels, we consider our advocacy work to be a pure expression of democracy. It’s why we have a voice. It gives us the chance to deliver insight no one else can provide about our industry—an industry that employs nearly 100,000 Canadians and affects millions more each day.


Two-pronged approach

We represent just one sector. We’re primarily interested in transpor­tation and energy policy. Yet these are also policy areas of interest to other sectors, such as manufacturing and trade. And this is why it’s important for trade associations like ours to work closely with business councils. They tend to offer broader insight by focusing on various specialties, such as the environment, health and safety, tourism and human resources.

Provincial and federal governments rely on these councils—and for good reason. The positions they bring forward are the results of substantial research and collaboration. They offer a slightly different perspective, helping to refine government’s overall understanding of the economy.

Canadian Fuels places great value on business councils. We actively take part in several roundtables and committees that help develop advocacy positions and make representations before elected officials.

Individual industry advocacy. Collective multi-sectoral collaboration. Our approach combines both to ensure Canadian Fuels is among effective trade associations that balance the concerns of industry, Canada, and Canadians in helping to develop sound, evidence-based government policies.