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Every day, over 203 million litres of fuel are pumped into vehicle fuel tanks across Canada. The industry that refines and distributes this fuel is helping to keep Canadians on the move. 

The industry you see today is the result of over a hundred years of investment in expertise, technology and infrastructure. The sector involved in bringing fuel to the pumps includes:

  1. 15 Refineries – 14 of which are Canadian Fuels Association members
  2. 78 fuel distribution terminals
  3. 12,000 retail and commercial sites
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Can we manage without oil and gas products?

Petroleum-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel comprise 95 percent of the transportation fuels used in Canada. Alternative fuel technology is making huge strides and will be a growing part of Canada’s future fuel mix, but there is no doubt that gasoline and diesel will fuel our vehicles well into the future.  

Transportation Fuel Fact: 
After 15 years on the market in Canada, the fleet of hybrid vehicles has reached 150,000 of a total fleet of about 23 million vehicles. 

Economic Contribution

The Canadian transportation fuels industry fulfills a critical role, and provides jobs, in every region of the country. In fact, nationwide, refining employs over 18,000 workers while distribution terminals employ over 16,400 and over 81,000 people work at retail sites.   

Check out this map showing the location of refining activity in Canada.

Canadian refiners today produce over 108 billion litres of fuel and other refined products each year, and contributed $5.3 billion to our GDP in 2015. 


The refining sector adds about $300,000 to the economy for each worker employed.

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