Date: November 21, 2019

Topic: CN Strike 

Issue Statement:

The Canadian Fuels Association urges the federal government to take immediate action to end the CN rail strike.

“The continuous and reliable supply of petroleum products is critical to the daily functioning of our society and economy. It is also crucial to ensure the smooth delivery of fire, police, and emergency medical services,” said Lisa Stilborn, Vice-President, Public Affairs.

 “Canadian Fuels members supply the fuels that power Canada’s planes, trains, trucks, ships and automobiles. They also supply heating oil to many of Canada’s rural and northern communities. Rail service interruptions have a real impact on the ability of these companies to ensure the reliable supply and delivery of fuel to Canadians,” she continued.

“Our members operate 14 refineries that rely on uninterrupted daily rail service, both for the receipt of feedstock and blending components and for the delivery of refined petroleum products to customers located across the country,” Stilborn added.

Members have experienced poor rail service for the past several winter seasons with significant interruption and cost to their business operations and many sectors of the Canadian economy were similarly impacted by this issue. Subsequently, Canadian Fuels, along with many other affected sectors, participated in the Collaborative Forward Planning (CFP) initiative which was convened by Transport Canada’s Commodity Supply Chain Table earlier in 2019 – we do not want the meaningful and collaborative work of all CFP stakeholders to be affected by a labour disruption.

We urge the federal government to take whatever immediate action is necessary to end the disruption in the CN rail service as soon as possible.
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