Research Digest - January 2020

Annual fleet Fuel Study

December 2019 (North American Council for Freight Efficiency NACFE)

This report contains the results of a deep-dive investigation into the adoption of various products and practices for improving freight efficiency among 20 major North American fleets.

État de l’énergie au Québec 2020 (State of energy in Québec 2020)

January 2020 (HEC Montréal Chair in Energy Sector Management) – English not available yet

Despite the increase in electric vehicle (EV) sales and charging station facilities, sales of light trucks in Québec beat records again. Sales of petroleum products also increased in 2018, including gasoline sales. This is far from the reductions necessary to achieve our targets of -40% of RPP. In all regions of Québec, we still notice more vehicles per 1000 inhabitants, and a greater proportion of light trucks (cars are in decline everywhere).

Role of e-fuels in the European transport system – Literature review

January 2020 (Concawe – Low Carbon Pathways Task)
The objective of this literature review is to build a better understanding of the efuel production technologies and implications in terms of efficiency, contribution to reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG), technology readiness level, environmental impact, investment, costs and demand that could help to define a better picture of the potential role in decarbonisation of these fuels in Europe.