Beyond the barrel, past the pump

The surprising by-products of the petroleum refining process

The petroleum refining process creates much more than the fuels people rely on to get to work, to take flight, or to get goods shipped from around the world. Have a look at just a sampling of products that rely on refining.

by Canadian Fuels Staff

Agriculture and food

chewing gum potting soil milk jug chocolates


filters helmet traffic cone tire baby seat car battery safety goggles


comb soaps hair rollers mouthwash dentures jewelry hairdryer perfume makeup

Building and home

speakers measuring tape balloons smart device toilet seat extension cord garden hose wall socket

Clothing and textiles

cases yarn pajama trousers pantyhose umbrella runners purse tent wellies

Kitchen and household

candles paint toys ice cube tray lamp frying pan garbage bags plastic packaging measuring cups crayons

Health and Medical

pacifier eyeglasses prosthesis bandages gelcaps inhaler hearing aid medication drinking cup


credit cards tape printer cartridges telephone tape dispenser CDs chair

Sports, games and hobbies

artificial turf camera soccer ball lifevest records dice fishing lure golf ball