Save fuel with these great tips INFOGRAPHIC

We’ve compiled some brilliant tips for saving on fuel
and making life easier, too. Thanks to our friends at , Natural Resources Canada and CAA for their advice!      

Fuel facts: test your knowledge with our year-end quiz

All year, we’ve been sharing fuel
facts about how (and how far) Canadians drive, how much fuel
we use, and how the fuels industry — from refining to the pump — gets us where we’re going. As 2017 comes to an end, we look back at a few of these facts in our annual quiz. See h...

How refineries make fuels right for winter driving

As Canadians head to the pumps this winter, they can rest assured that the fuels they put in their vehicles will stand up well to cold-weather driving .   Do most people realize that their winter fuels are very different from summer fuels? Probably not, says Dave Schick,...

Is natural gas the next transportation fuel? The pros and cons

In last week’s blog, we discussed how biofuels fit into the transportation fuels picture today. This week, we look at natural gas in the second instalment of our series on alternative fuels. Natural gas in North America is abundant and competitively priced. And it produ...

Smart Fuelling tips to save on fuel, and save the planet

The decisions we all make on how to get to work, school, shopping or recreation have a huge impact on Canada’s carbon footprint. Transportation is a key piece in Canada’s GHG emissions puzzle . It produces 28 per cent of our GHG emissions, with road transportation accounting...

How fuel fluent are you? These 7 fuels come from refineries

Every driver in Canada knows that gasoline and diesel fuels are widely available at their local pumps . Pretty much everyone also knows that these fuels come from crude oil.   Crude oil is processed at refineries , and is separated into several different kinds of fuels su...

Drive Better. Drive Change. How to reduce your fuel consumption by 15 per cent

Can you, the average driver, really reduce fuel
consumption by 15 per cent? Yes, you can – and the Smart Drive Challenge will show you how, says Mike Driedger, program director of Scout Environmental . With support from The Canadian Fuels Association, Scout is co...

5 ways to make 2016 a happy fuel year

At the Canadian Fuels Association, we’re always looking for ways to help Canadian drivers go further on every litre of fuel
. In our weekly blog, we regularly provide information about saving on fuel
. We have published  some great tips on smart driving , and now that we’re h...

What the EcoRun can teach us all about better driving

Talk about a fun assignment, especially if you like to drive. Each year, The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) holds the EcoRun to test the driving skills of its members and the fuel
efficiency of the cars they drive. This year, 27 AJAC journalists ...

How Canada is helping the transportation industry get greener

In 2012, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) saw a golden opportunity to help transportation companies improve fuel
efficiency, thereby lowering their costs and their emissions. The solution was SmartWay Transport Partnership , a program that was already functioning in the ...
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