Research Digest
October 2018

Feature Article: How much CO2 do electric vehicles, hybrids and gasoline vehicles emit?

September 12, 2018 (NEB)
  • “As it is explained in this article, in some provinces, the emissions from burning fuel for electricity generation can be more than the emissions from burning gasoline in the engines of some conventional vehicles.”

GHG Intensity of oil production 

September 13, 2018 (IHS
  • “This study reviewed the historical GHG emission intensity of upstream oil sands extraction and the factors that could shape its future. Prior IHS Markit analysis has shown the oil sands to be within the range of other crude oils refined in North America. This study shows that upstream oil sands GHG intensity has been declining. On average, upstream emissions are one-fifth lower than a decade ago and could fall another approximately 20% over the coming decade. ”  

Proposed second GHG emissions standards for heavy-duty engines and vehicles in Canada 

September 21, 2018 (ICCT) – policy update 
  • “Over the lifetime of MY 2020 to 2029 vehicles, ECCC estimates a total GHG emissions reduction of 73 million CO2-equivalent tonnes. The total value of the fuel savings, GHG reductions, and other environmental and economic benefits of the proposed regulation are estimated to be $23.8 billion CAD.”