The Valero Energy Foundation of Canada pledges a contribution of close to $50,000 to the Portage Foundation’s Mother and Child Program.

May 11, 2021

Social and financial precarity, little formal schooling and the experience of physical, psychological and sexual abuse in childhood are all risk factors that can lead to excessive alcohol and drug consumption by men and women. However, there are fewer resources available to women, and the consequences for children are just as dire.

To break this vicious circle of abuse and abandonment, Valero Energy, through its foundation, has committed to developing a partnership with the Portage Foundation by contributing $49,500 in support to the Mother and Child Program.

Supporting mothers in the development of their role as parents

More often than not, women with drug abuse problems are stigmatized and run into major obstacles at the start of their treatment, especially when they are mothers. They may hesitate to seek help out of fear that the Branch for the Director of Youth Protection will take their children away or take them to a confined therapy treatment program, in which case they are separated from their children.

To overcome these problems, the Mother and Child Program of the Portage Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Centre takes an approach that is unique in Quebec. This program enables mothers in the program to take rehabilitation therapy while maintaining custody of their children in order to preserve the family unit.

The entire donation by the Valero Energy Foundation of Canada will go toward improving the activity programs offered to residents. In addition to having mothers acquire and put into practice various parenting skills, these experiences home in on child development with particular focus on communication, motor skills and social skills. The objective is to build significant bonds between the children and their mothers and to enable the latter to rediscover the pleasure and joy of motherhood.

We are very proud to contribute to this project in which 25 women and their children six take part each year. With the accompaniment of competent and devoted professionals, they live positive experiences and acquire the tools they need to overcome their hardships, which extend far beyond their stay at Portage.

To find out more about the Valero Energy Foundation of Canada and the Portage Foundation partnership, click here.

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