by Janiece Walsh

Canada’s Climate Action Plan Shares Our Vision for the Future of Low Carbon Fuels

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December 11, 2020

The Canadian Fuels Association and its members are well positioned to play a significant role in the Government of Canada’s plan for ‘A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy’ that was announced today.

This announcement represents a significant commitment by the government to accelerate the production of low carbon fuels, advance the Clean Fuel Standard and support collaboration around emerging technologies. We will be reviewing ‘A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy’ in detail over the coming weeks in order to assess the opportunities for our industry to support the implementation of this plan.

“The national transportation fuels sector will play a key role in Canada’s commitment to create jobs and support people, communities and the planet. Our vision of the future, Driving to 2050, includes innovative new technologies, collaboration within the transportation supply chain and the production of low carbon fuels to support Canada’s plan,” said Bob Larocque, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Fuels Association.  “We welcome the opportunity to partner with government and other industries to build a strong and resilient economy while contributing meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”

About the Canadian Fuels Association:

We are the voice of the transportation fuels industry in Canada.  Our members produce and distribute 95% of the gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels and specialty lubricants that are used to move people and goods across Canada and beyond.  We are focused on helping our members reduce emissions and meeting the expectations of Canadians without compromising their access to a secure, reliable and competitively-priced fuel supply.  For more than 30 years, we have been working proactively with federal and provincial governments and are recognized as the ‘go-to’ source of industry information and technical expertise.

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