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by Janiece Walsh

Canadian Fuels Association statement on the Government of Canada’s 2021 Budget

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April 19 – Today’s budget announcement by the Canadian federal government outlined several national priorities, including a continued focus on responding to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as rebuilding a strong and resilient economy and fighting climate change.  The Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) and its members are ready to support Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and offer solutions that accelerate Canada’s low-carbon economy.

For 150 years, our industry has kept Canada on the move by innovating and adapting technologies to meet our changing needs. We are proud to operate critical Canadian infrastructure that has supported the movement of essential workers, protective equipment and vaccines in the battle against Covid-19.  The value and reliability of Canada’s transportation fuels sector has been on full display throughout our country’s response to the pandemic.

“Budget 2021 highlights the importance of addressing climate change as we rebuild our economy and confirms that low-carbon liquid fuels have an important role to play in Canada’s transportation system,” said Bob Larocque, President and CEO of CFA.  “Our sector has a long history of harnessing innovation and we will continue to find ways to lower emissions while maintaining a secure and reliable supply of transportation fuels for Canadians. We support the government’s commitment to the Net Zero Accelerator fund as well as the incentives for additional investment in carbon capture, utilization and storage.”

CFA members produce and distribute 95% of the transportation fuels and specialty lubricants that Canadians rely on every day and our sector contributes over $10 billion to Canada’s GDP every year.  More than 117,000 workers across Canada are behind the scenes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that we can keep people and goods moving across the country and beyond. 

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