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Research Report

Research Digest – November 2020

Canada’s Energy Future 2020

November 2020 (Canada Energy Regulator

  • CER finds that Canada’s fossil fuel consumption declines over the next 30 years but without an accelerated energy transition, fossil fuels will still make up more than 60 per cent of Canada’s fuel mix in 2050.
  • Two scenarios were analyzed in this report: The Evolving Energy System Scenario and the Reference Energy System Scenario.
  • Assessing biooil coprocessing routes as CO2 mitigation strategies in oil refineries

November 2020 (Biofpr Journal)

  • In this study, the potential of bio-oil co-processing to reduce CO2 emissions from existing refineries was analyzed. Thirteen co-processing pathways for vegetable oils, thermochemical bio-oil (FPO, CPO, and HTLO), and Fischer–Tropsch fuels, were evaluated. None of the paths selected for this study included CO2 capture.

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