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Research Report

Research Digest – October 2020

Canadian passenger vehicle scrappage policy analysis

October 2020 (ICCT)

  • To mitigate the negative economic impacts caused by COVID-19, the federal government in Canada is considering a vehicle replacement program to spur the recovery of the automotive industry. To inform this potential policy currently being considered, this consultant report quantifies the GHG emissions impact of different scenarios for what replacement vehicles would be eligible to participate in the program.

Impact of Transportation-Related Environmental Initiatives

October 2020 (Fuels Institute)

  • This report provides an overview of 37 such initiatives and an in-depth analysis of 14 of those movements to better understand their effectiveness in reducing emissions and their overall cost to society, including governments, industry and consumers.
  • Alternative fuels movements (the LCFS and RFS) will continue to play a significant role to reduce emissions. The LCFS may enjoy benefits of electrification but may not necessarily contribute toward technology cost reductions upon adoption. Ethanol-blended fuels, driven by the RFS, have provided moderate emissions benefits.

A new Hope: How hydrogen can deliver climate solutions and clean energy competitiveness for Canada

October 2020 (Clean Energy Canada)

  • [Hydrogen] offers new economic opportunities, both at home and abroad, both as a commodity and a technology play. And critically, hydrogen can help Canada achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. It offers a new hope. But success is not a foregone conclusion, and the race is already afoot. It’s time for Canada to get moving.

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