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Research Report

Research Digest – September 2020

The potential of liquid biofuels in reducing ship emissions

September 2020 (The International Council on Clean Transportation ICCT)

  • Results show that feedstock is more important than conversion technology in determining a fuel pathway’s GHG reductions, and the paper identifies five liquid biofuels with the potential to reduce shipping GHG emissions on a well-to-wake, life-cycle basis relative to distillate marine fuels.

Carbon Capture Journal – with focus on CCUS in Canada

September/October 2020 (Carbon Capture Journal)

  • Ranked a top global leader of energy production and manufacturing exports, Canada’s advanced industry sectors support the infrastructure development and growth that lends itself to CCS hubs and clusters needed to accelerate commercial full-scale emissions reductions, advance low-carbon energy transitions while also allowing vital industries to thrive.

Vision 2050: A strategy to decarbonize the global transport sector by mid-century

September 2020 (The International Council on Clean Transportation ICCT)

  • Vison 2050 addresses four central questions:
    • What is the baseline trajectory of global transportation emissions from 2020 to 2050 by country and by vehicle segment? 
    • What is the magnitude of reductions needed if the global transport sector is to contribute to keeping global temperature rise below 1.5˚C? 
    • What is an ambitious yet feasible set of policies and technologies for decarbonizing the transportation sector by mid-century?
    • What are the highest priority focus areas over the next five years?

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