EcoRun isn’t a race—it’s a challenge. Every spring for the past six years, participating members of the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) have been challenging each other to win the title of ‘most efficient driver’. This isn’t a natural task for a group whose job is to rev motors and test handling as automotive journalists. It’s made even more challenging behind the wheel of a fast, high performance vehicle.

But this is less about the car you drive, and more about how you drive it. EcoRun is where good driving and car technology come together, regardless of what’s under the hood. The 2017 fleet included gas, diesel, electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell cars, each with their own NRCan fuel efficiency rating—the number to meet or beat.

As a supporter of EcoRun, Canadian Fuels was able to ride-along with some of the drivers as they made their way from Ottawa to Quebec City from June 15–16. Slower accelerations, speed limit maximums and smooth corners were the norm in gas, diesel and hybrid models. In pure electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, drivers were more mindful of using secondary battery zappers like air conditioning, stereo and other cabin comforts.

The results?

After two days of careful driving, the results were pretty impressive. All but two vehicles met or beat their NRCan efficiency ratings, some by a significant margin. ‘Most efficient driver’ went to Wade Ozerhoff who, over the two day period, drove three hybrids, two plug-in hybrids, one diesel and four gasoline-powered vehicles.

“In a nutshell, says Ozerhoff, the EcoRun is essentially a great demonstration not only of new technology and methods aimed at reducing both emissions and fuel consumption… but also a reminder that a lot of cars can yield great fuel economy just by minding your driving habits.”

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Images, from left to right:
  • EcoRun cars line-up on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for opening events.
  • Canadian Fuels Vice-President Carol Montreuil (left) presents the AJAC Green Jersey to Wade Ozerhoff, the most efficient driver of EcoRun 2017.
  • AJAC organizer David Miller was ‘keeper of the keys’ for the EcoRun vehicles.
  • EcoRun officials check the mileage of the Lexus LC 500 Hybrid in Hawkesbury, Ontario.