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Environmental Commitment

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How are we responding to the challenge of climate change?

We know we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s one of our most complex, but important challenges. But let’s start by getting a little perspective on the subject:

  • Personal and commercial consumption of transportation fuels account for 28 percent of Canada’s GHG emissions
  • The refining industry that produces those fuels accounts for 2 percent.

A big part of the solution has to come from changing the habits of Canadian consumers. But, having said that, our industry is committed to continuous improvement. We’ve made substantial progress in improving the energy efficiency of refining processes, and the quality and performance of the transportation fuels we produce. That’s helped us achieve a 13 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2004, but we’re not done yet.

Key findings

Canada’s GHG Emissions Breakdown by IPCC Sector

Total CO2 emissions, Canadian Fuels members –

Refineries’ GHG emissions since 2004.

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