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Environmental Commitment

Used Oil

Canadians consume several hundred millions of litres of motor oil every year, and it all has to be disposed of responsibly.

That’s why we’re making it a priority to ensure that consumers like you have access to a simple, environmentally friendly way to recycle your used motor oil. Along with our members, we have been instrumental in establishing several used oil programs across the country.

Learn more about the history of Canada’s provincial used oil associations and the leading role played by the Canadian Fuels Association and its members here

Also watch the SOGHU TV campaign to inform Quebecers of the importance of recycling used motor oil. 

In 1997, an industry-led stewardship program was introduced in Canada to facilitate the recovery, recycling and reuse of used oil and antifreeze materials. Since then, all materials recovered are recycled and reused; none go to the landfill:

  • No used oil goes to keep down dust on roads. The used oil is recycled as oil base stock and reprocessed petroleum products. It can also fuel large industrial plants.
  • All filters collected are crushed and processed at steel recycling mills, and turned into metal products.
  • Used antifreeze is returned to its original state for reuse.
  • Plastic containers are crushed, shredded, granulated, washed or pelletized and have various end uses – new plastic oil containers, plastic durable goods or landscaping ties, fencing and even guardrail posts.

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