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Transportation fuels keep Canadians moving locally and competitive globally. We are part of Canada’s critical infrastructure and will continue to play an important role in Canada’s energy future.

Who We Are

We represent Canada’s transportation fuels industry. Our members are the companies who process crude oil into essential products like transportation fuels and get those products to market.

Our contribution

Our sector contributes around $12 billion to Canada’s GDP and employs over 115,000 Canadians at 15 refineries, 75 fuel distribution terminals and 12,000 retail and commercial sites. One of our prime goals is to help our members meet the environmental policy objectives of government and expectations of Canadians without compromising their access to a secure, reliable and competitively priced fuel supply.


$8 billion to Canada’s GDP last year


Employs 107,000 Canadians

Emission Reductions

$12 billion invested to improve our industry’s environmental performance since 2000

Our reputation

For more than 30 years, the Canadian Fuels Association has been working in collaboration with partners and stakeholders and we are recognized by governments across Canada as the ‘go-to’ source of industry information and technical expertise.

Our Vision

Canadian Fuels is Canada’s leading industry voice on transportation energy and a trusted partner in developing policy solutions that balance Canadians’ economic and environmental performance expectations.

Our Mission

Drive Canada forward by promoting policies that improve industry environmental performance, protect industry competitiveness, strengthen Canada’s critical energy infrastructure, and ensure dependable, safe, and environmentally responsible transportation energy is accessible to all Canadians.

What We Do

We keep the lines of communication open – between industry and government (federal, provincial and municipal) and also among industry, its stakeholders and Canadians. With a focus on environment as well as health and safety, we work to promote meaningful discussion around policy choices, their benefits and their outcomes.

Above all, we offer access to advice, information and analysis in order to help drive informed policy decisions.


We keep the lines of communication open – between industry and government (federal, provincial and municipal) and also among the industry, its stakeholders and public.

Environmental Commitment

We understand that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time and we are doing our part to reduce emissions.

Health & Safety

Safely producing and delivering transportation fuels is what our industry does best

Our Team

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