Fuel Production

Our refineries are complex, labour and capital intensive manufacturing facilities that employ state-of-the-art technologies to create useful products from crude oil.

Through distillation and a series of chemical processes the crude oil molecules are broken, reshaped and recombined into value-added products like: 

  • Transportation fuels, including gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel
  • Home heating oil
  • Lubricants
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Asphalt for roads
  • Petro-chemical feedstocks, that are further transformed into hundreds of consumer goods and products from plastics, to textile fibres, to pharmaceuticals.

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Innovation at work

Over the past 35 years, the number of Canadian refineries has decreased, while the capacity of existing refineries has increased. This is because small, less efficient facilities have been replaced with more efficient, cleaner, expanded facilities. These improvements have been made possible by the new technologies, processes and equipment that result from ongoing research and development in the industry.

Refining Sites and Capacity

Canada is home to 16 refineries, 15 of which are operated by Canadian Fuels members and represent the majority of the country’s refining capacity. Canada is a net exporter, mainly to the United States, of refined petroleum products and crude oil.

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British Columbia

  • Tidewater Midstream
    Prince George Refinery
    Prince George, B.C.
  • Parkland Corporation
    Burnaby Refinery
    Burnaby, B.C.


  • Suncor Energy Products Partnership
    Edmonton Refinery
    Edmonton, Alta.
  • Shell Canada Products
    Scotford Refinery
    Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.
  • Imperial Oil Limited
    Strathcona Refinery
    Edmonton, Alta.
  • North West Redwater Partnership
    Sturgeon Refinery
    Sturgeon County, Alta.


  • Federated Cooperatives Ltd.
    Regina, Sask.


  • North Atlantic Refining Limited
    Come by Chance Refinery
    Come by Chance, N.L.
    * Not a Canadian Fuels member


  • Shell Canada Products
    Sarnia Manufacturing Centre
    Corunna, Ont.
  • Imperial Oil Limited
    Sarnia Refinery
    Sarnia, Ont.
  • Imperial Oil Limited
    Nanticoke Refinery
    Jarvis, Ont.
  • Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.
    Mississauga, Ont.
  • Suncor Energy Products Partnership
    Sarnia Refinery
    Sarnia, Ont.


  • Suncor Energy Products Partnership
    Montreal Refinery
    Montreal, Que.
  • Valero
    Levis, Que.

New Brunswick

  • Irving Oil Limited
    Saint John, N.B.