Valero Energy Employees Fuelling Communities

May 15, 2023

Valero Energy follows up on the values it adheres to—striving for excellence, helping one another, and sharing successes—in the communities where it is present. With its Social Investment and Community Engagement Program, Valero concretely expresses its willingness to contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of life of citizens in eastern Montreal.

By volunteering in areas where they live and work, Valero employees bring this culture to life by serving communities. Three great volunteer initiatives hereunder came to fruition through the personal involvement of Valero’s valorous ambassadors and dovetail nicely with Valero’s social investment niches—school success and perseverance, healthy living habits and food security, and support to families.

Preparing the Montreal-East Collective Gardens for another season

To take part in activities marking environment week, Valero employees gathered at the Montreal-East Collective Gardens, an initiative pursued by the East of Montreal Food Network, to do a major clean-up in preparation for the planting of seedlings.

Together, they prepared bins for the above-ground growing of vegetables and picked up garbage and dead plants. In total, they gathered up 35 bags of plant waste, which restored the prideful appearance of this food-producing garden that is primed to grow some 300 kg of fruits and vegetables to ultimately be turned over to Action Secours Vie d’Espoir, a neighboring food bank.

Establishing positive ties with young people attending Daniel-Johnson High School

For a sixth season, Valero renewed its commitment to the school’s hockey studies program, which is intended to motivate young people at risk of dropping out of school and have them gain further appreciation of the value of education. To mark the occasion, Valero employees joined the Lynx on the ice for a hockey practice.

Other activities have been planned to take place before the end of the school year, particularly group outings, a breakfast with employees of the Montreal-East Terminal, and an end-of-year BBQ. Valero teams come together to coordinate events and activities that enable young people to live positive experiences, while supported by adults.

Performing a major spring cleaning at La Dauphinelle

With the arrival of spring, Valero went to La Dauphinelle, a shelter for women who are victims of conjugal violence, to lend an appreciated helping hand that was very much appreciated for the major spring cleaning. Whether it was scrubbing the kitchen, cleaning the basement walls, or cleaning up the terrace and outside yard, Valero employees tackled these tasks with gusto.

These efforts relieved La Dauphinelle team of a huge workload and offered the residents and their children a welcoming, clean, and pleasant environment.

By offering their time and committing themselves to communities, Valero Energy employees contribute, year in and year out, to improving the lives of hundreds of people. They serve as ambassadors of the values we hold dear, and in so doing, turn their commitment into something that is quite natural.

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