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by Maria Corcoran

Canadian Fuels Association Announces Newest Member – Greenfield Global Inc.

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Canadian Fuels Association (CFA), New Member Announcement

[Ottawa (Ontario), June 15, 2023] The Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) is proud to announce Greenfield Global as its newest member, with Andrea Kent – Greenfield Global’s Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs – being appointed to CFA’s board of directors.

Greenfield Global is Canada’s largest ethanol producer with fuel ethanol distilleries in both the US and Canada. They operate state-of-the-art low-carbon ethanol production and packaging facilities in multiple locations around the globe.

“As we continue to broaden our membership and impact across the transportation energy sector, we are thrilled to have Greenfield Global join the Canadian Fuels Association” says Bob Larocque, President and CEO. “The CFA represents Canada’s transportation fuels industry from coast-to-coast, and Greenfield’s expertise in renewable energy, like low carbon ethanol, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen-derived e-fuels make them an excellent addition to our membership.”

For more than three decades, Greenfield Global has been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability and over the years, spearheaded numerous initiatives to further the benefits of circular economies through initiatives such as:

  • Being among the first ethanol plants in Ontario and the first and only ethanol plant in Quebec, reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions over 60% compared to traditional gasoline while supporting local economic development and thousands of area farmers.
  • Operating one of the largest anaerobic digestion facilities in North America (in Quebec), converting more than 120,000 MT of source-separated organics every year to produce renewable natural gas.
  • Expanding the state-of-the-art biorefinery site at their Varennes, Quebec plant which will produce zero-carbon ethanol, green hydrogen, and green methanol, bolstering decarbonization efforts across industries like heavy industry, trucking, marine, and aviation fuels.
  • Developing an anaerobic digestion plant in Ontario, further reducing the company’s carbon footprint while producing renewable natural gas for pipeline injection.
  • Leading the development of a new clean technology that converts agricultural waste into renewable diesel fuel.  Developed in partnership with the University of Alberta, this technology has the potential of reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural and transportation sectors by up to 90% when compared to fossil-based diesel fuel.

“Greenfield Global firmly believes that biofuels are the cornerstone to decarbonizing transportation in a real and economically sustainable way. We have a unique position as one of Canada’s first and foremost ethanol producers with low carbon fuel production on both sides of the border,” adds Andrea Kent. “We are very pleased to join the Canadian Fuels Association and the exciting, positive opportunities for collaboration this will help bring to Canada’s ever-evolving transportation and energy landscape.”


About Greenfield Global Inc.

Since 1989, Greenfield Global has been the leading supplier of fuel ethanol, high-purity alcohols, specialty solvents, and custom blended solutions to businesses worldwide.

Greenfield’s primary markets are renewable fuels, beverage alcohols, life science, food, flavor, fragrance, personal care and industrials. Annually, the company fulfills over 35,000 orders in more than 50 countries through its extensive global supply chain, which includes 5 alcohol distilleries, 5 blending and packaging facilities, and 8 warehouses allowing Greenfield to deliver within 1-3 days. The company also operates one of the largest anaerobic digestion facilities in North America, converting more than 120,000 MT of source-separated organics every year to produce renewable natural gas.

Greenfield’s low-carbon ethanol helps industry decarbonize and meet net-zero targets, while its team of researchers and engineers continue to innovate and produce other sustainable fuels and chemicals such as green hydrogen, green methanol, sustainable aviation fuel and renewable natural gas.

The company’s mission statement is to unlock the potential of people, partnerships and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Greenfield Global is family owned and operated and has been awarded “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” Platinum-level designation since 2015.

About the Canadian Fuels Association

The Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) represents Canada’s transportation fuels industry. Contributing over $10 billion to Canada’s GDP annually, the sector also provides employment for more than 117,000 Canadians at 15 refineries, 75 fuel distribution terminals and 12,000 retail and commercial sites across the country. CFA has a track record of over 30 years working productively with governments and are recognized by governments across Canada as the ‘go-to’ source of industry information and technical expertise.

[1] Canadian Fuels members:  Federated Co-operatives Limited. Greenergy, Greenfield Global, Imperial Oil Limited, Irving Oil, North Atlantic, North West Redwater Partnership, Parkland Corporation, Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc., Shell Canada Products, Suncor Energy Products Partnership, Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. and Valero Energy Inc.

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