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by Brittney Stoddart

Innovation Award 2023: Tidewater’s Renewable Diesel Facility

 |  Canadian Fuels Association, CFA Awards of Excellence

Innovation is driving our whole transportation system forward, and the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) Innovation Award recognizes a member representative or team that has advanced the transportation fuels sector by introducing innovative ideas or successfully implementing new technology, systems, processes, and/or tools for engagement.

The CFA represents a diverse group of companies involved in the refining, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products. Our members have been at the forefront of Canada’s energy landscape, advocating for responsible and sustainable energy while helping advance Canada’s energy transition. By recognizing innovations to advance low-carbon fuels in Canada, the CFA aims to highlight the industry’s commitment and progress toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

While there were several deserving candidates in 2023, the selection of this year’s winner ultimately came down to how this innovative, low-carbon solution will go a long way to unlocking the potential of made-in-Canada renewable diesel, and offer significant climate and economic benefits in terms of emissions reductions and job creation throughout the value chain. It is our honour to recognize Tidewater and their renewable diesel facility in Prince George, with our 2023 Innovation Award.

The Tidewater Refinery, located in Prince George, British Columbia, has long been recognized as a hub of innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. For many years they have been refining petroleum products, but recently have shifted their focus towards renewable energy solutions, including the historical milestone of being the first company to produce made-in-Canada renewable diesel. This transformation showcases their dedication to reducing their environmental impact and contributing to Canada’s renewable energy goals.

As Tidewater continues to make substantial investments in renewable energy infrastructure, and embracing biofuel production as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this commitment demonstrates their dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices. This commitment has also translated into job creation in Prince George and the surrounding areas, which not only bolsters the local economy but also demonstrates their focus on community’s well-being.

Quick facts about the new renewable diesel facility:

  • Construction for the facility was completed in 2023 in Prince George, BC.
  • The expected unit capacity is 3,000 barrels per day (BPD), with an estimated annual production of 150 million liters (ML).
  • By leveraging the renewable hydrogen production facility (HDRD) renewable diesel produced at the facility is expected to reduce consumer carbon intensity by 80-90% compared to traditional fuels.
  • The project has accounted for roughly 660,000 person hours of construction and added roughly 20 – 25 full time positions at the Prince George refinery in BC.
  • Renewable diesel can work in existing diesel powered engines without modifications to the existing fleet.

Tidewater’s recognition with the CFA’s 2023 Innovation Award for their renewable diesel facility is not just a testament to their own accomplishments, but also a symbol of Canada’s dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Their proactive approach to renewable energy sets an inspiring example for other industries and organizations to follow suit as we navigate the challenges of climate change and the need to transition to cleaner energy sources. Tidewater’s commitment to sustainability and its innovative approach to renewable diesel production are shining examples of what can be achieved with dedication and ingenuity. Congratulations to the entire team at Tidewater on this well-deserved recognition, and thank you for helping fuel Canada forward.

To learn more about Tidewater, the renewable diesel facility and their other low-carbon solutions, please visit

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