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by Canadian Fuels Association

Jonathan Waye: A Rising Star in the Energy Sector

 |  Canadian Fuels Association, CFA Awards of Excellence

Meet Jonathan Waye, a standout talent at Irving Oil, honoured as the 2024 Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) Rising Star on June 5, 2024, during an awards luncheon in Ottawa, ON. 

Jonathan Waye embarked on his career with Irving Oil in 2019 as an electrical engineer at the company’s Saint John, NB, refinery. Initially, he focused on maintenance work orders and enhancing asset reliability. However, his career trajectory shifted significantly in 2021 when he joined Irving Oil’s Energy Transition team. Captivated by the transformative work underway on the team, Jonathan transitioned from engineering to strategy. His responsibilities expanded further in late 2023 when he was promoted to Project Engineer and given a mandate to review and enhance power generation capacities. 

“My passion for the energy sector is rooted in a familial connection, and my decision to join Irving Oil was driven by a desire for a more technical role, which the company seamlessly provided,” says Jonathan. “The chance to contribute to the company’s technical initiatives at the Saint John refinery aligned perfectly with my career aspirations and I am so appreciative for the opportunities I was given.” 

Since joining Irving Oil, Jonathan has played a key role in various projects, including improving refinery efficiency and exploring new energy solutions like hydrogen and biofuels. Additionally, Jonathan’s proactive approach in identifying the need for increased power generation at the Saint John refinery showcased his commitment to the energy transition space. 

Jonathan’s tenure at Irving Oil has resulted in substantial professional growth. His roles with the company provided great exposure to various facets of the industry beyond refinery operations. As he humbly reflects on being selected for this award, Jonathan is quick to share his successes with mentors at the company who played a “pivotal” role in his career journey. 

This may explain his passion for sharing his knowledge with and mentoring others. 

“Mentoring students at Dartmouth College and the University of New Brunswick has been a rewarding experience,” he says. “Just like others have spent time to help me grow, I am committed to giving back and helping to nurture and develop future talent that will be part of creating an even brighter future for the energy sector. And to those contemplating a career in the energy sector, I want to emphasize the sector’s critical role in driving sustainable change and the many opportunities it offers for meaningful contributions to society.” 

Looking ahead, Jonathan’s professional goals involve continuous learning and impactful contributions to the energy sector. His ambition to meet industry goals by 2030 reflects his dedication to driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy. Jonathan’s family has also recently expanded as he and his wife have welcomed their first child this month. 

Jonathan has a bright future ahead of him and we, at CFA, wish him all the best as he continues to provide great contributions to Irving Oil and to our sector. 

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