Research Report

Research Digest – July 2020

Hydrogen on the path to net-zero emissions: Costs and climate benefits

(Pembina Institute)

  • Before determining the role for hydrogen in decarbonizing Canada’s economy, it is important to understand the different types of hydrogen that can be utilized. This primerShare examines basic properties of hydrogen, how it is produced, and the characteristics, costs (including current production costs in Canada), and carbon intensity of grey, blue and green hydrogen.

Carbon capture and storage: challenges, enablers and opportunities for deployment

(Global CCS Institute – Insights)

  • The first enabler is high concentration COgas streams and access to high quality CO2 geological storage resources for which data necessary for appraisal is available.
  • The second enabler is a bankable and materials source of revenue.
  • The third enabler is transparent and predictable regulation of access to pore space for the geological storage of  CO2.
  • The fourth enabler is a supportive government.

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