Petro Profiles

Canadian Fuels Association members produce, distribute and sell the transportation fuels that support the mobility of all Canadians. At all stages in the process that brings fuels to the point of sale, our members are achieving impressive goals for community involvement, innovation and environmental performance. In this issue of Perspectives, we talk to three individuals who make a difference.

Engineering success

Jennifer Stiglitz’s career is fuelled by a love of learning.

Jennifer Stiglitz first dabbled in engineering as a summer student researching pipeline fluid flow. But it was a third-year university internship that locked her interest on a process-engineering career in the oil industry.

“I got that opportunity here at the Husky Upgrader in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan,” says Jennifer. “Fifteen years later, I’m back at the upgrader after taking on various engineering roles with the company.” Now Senior Manager, Planning and Optimization, she leads the evaluation, planning and development of opportunities that maximize profitability of the upgrader, which converts heavy oil into more valuable products such as ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and synthetic crude that’s further processed in downstream refineries.

“I’d characterize my career so far as a well-rounded learning experience,” says Jennifer. She spent ten years building solid technical knowledge and experience. More recently, she has focused on sharpening her business and leadership skills.

“I found the technical aspects of heavy-oil upgrading very interesting and fulfilling. But I always had an interest in understanding the business and taking on leadership roles. Husky has been very supportive, giving me the chance to learn new skills and advance my career.”

Jennifer sees change in a field traditionally dominated by men. “This sector offers excellent opportunities for women. There’s now a greater focus on things like diversity and inclusion, and employee resource groups supporting female leaders.”

Jennifer plays a key role in one such group. She sits on the steering committee of the Lloydminster chapter of Husky’s Women’s Leadership Network. “I’m proud of the engagement we’ve seen with this initiative,” says Jennifer. “It’s bringing employees together from various Lloydminster business units to support and advance the roles of women within Husky Energy.”

Her advice to young women considering careers in the oil sector: “Be your own leader. Trust your abilities and intelligence. Take responsibility for your career. Seek allies and mentors to guide and coach you. Chances are they’ve overcome similar hurdles to the ones you may face.”

What’s next in Jennifer’s career? “More learning opportunities,” she says. “My plan is to learn as much in the next 15 years as I have in the past 15.”

Since speaking with Jennifer in 2018 she has continued her learning journey into fuel ethanol production and is currently the Plant Manager at the Husky Minnedosa Ethanol Plant.

“My plan is to learn as

much in the next 15 years

as I have in the past 15.”